What Foods Are Poisonous for Your Dog?

Not All People Food Is Suitable For Your Dog

As responsible pet owners, we all try to be vigilant about the food our dogs eat.  There are times, however, that those sneaky rascals get into something and we are left wondering how toxic it may be.  Here is a list of foods that are Poisonous for your dog:

  • Chocolate: Chocolate can be extremely dangerous to dogs.  The darkest more bitter chocolate is the most dangerous.  White chocolate would have to be consumed in huge amounts to be dangerous.  Chocolate poisoning can cause vomiting. diarrhea, lethargy, and could possibly lead to seizures and death.  If your dog accidentally consumed some chocolate, please contact your veterinarian immediately.
  • Onions Whether cooked or raw, onions can cause your dog to develop Hemolytic anemia, which is the abnormal breakdown of red blood cells. So take care when feeding that leftover pot roast!
  • Grapes and RaisinsGrapes and raisins can really take a toll on your dog’s digestive system.  The worst part is that the number of grapes or raisins that can cause illness varies greatly from dog to dog.  If you suspect your dog has ingested grapes and/or raisins and is vomiting or has diarrhea, please notify your vet immediately.
  • Alcohol Dogs cannot metabolize alcohol the way a human does, so even a small amount could lead to alcohol poisoning.
  • Raw Fish Raw fish, especially salmon, can contain parasites. After consumption, the larvae can hatch in your dog’s digestive tract and attach to the intestinal walls. Symptoms may not show up for a week, and unfortunately, can look like other diseases like parvo or distemper.  If fish is part of your dog’s diet, please make sure it is cooked thoroughly.

This is Just A Short List

There are many more things that are poisonous for your dog,  but I tried to include the most common toxic.  Your pet may have food sensitivities that may not be toxic, but can certainly cause discomfort for both pet and owner. Please take extra caution when allowing Fido or Fifi to have some people food.

Cool Roofing Solutions

Commercial Roofing

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Metal Roofing Repair

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Ways to Avoid Flooding in Your Basement

Basement Flooding

Atex Water Damage RestorationThere is almost nothing worse than coming home after a large storm, or even after just a little bit of rain, only to find out that you have water in your basement. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the water as quickly as possible. If it’s more than you can do yourself you need to hire a water damage restoration contractor to come and do the water cleanup and dry everything out. This is a problem that occurs in many homes in all different locales, and it occurs for different reasons as well. So many homeowners compound the damage by failing to get the water out right away. This almost always allows mold to take a foothold and grow adding the expense of a mold clean up. It’s best to try and avoid basement flooding. There are a few ways you can try to ensure that your basement stays dry and your belongings are not ruined.

Find The Leak

The first thing you need to do is to determine the reason that you are getting water in your basement in the first place and where it is coming from. If you can pinpoint the location of the water leak, it will be easier to correct the problem and you won’t have a flooding problem again in the future. For example, if you find any cracks near a window or door, or in a foundation, you can seal them up to stop the intrusion by the water.

Seal The Foundation

Your whole foundation, on the other hand, may need to be sealed with a waterproof sealer that will provide a barrier to keep the water staying where it belongs – outside. This is a rather messy job, but something you can handle yourself, and the good news is that it only needs to be done once in order to be effective.

Keeps Your Gutters Clean

Another way to protect your basement from damaging water is to inspect your guttering system. This consists of the gutters and downspouts that run along the roofline of your home and down the side of your home and are intended to funnel extra water off the roof and away from the foundation of the house. If these get clogged or are broken in any location, too much water winds up running down the side of your house, which can cause major problems with flooding in your basement.

About The Saint Bernard

These good-natured giants are world renowned for their long history of life-saving. They are named for the Hospice du Saint Bernard in Switzerland, where monks originated the breed in the 1600’s. Strong and long-legged, they are well suited to the cold and snowy conditions as well as helping with the work in places where horses rarely go.  It is not uncommon in some places to see them in a harness pulling a child’s sled or a  small load of firewood.  Their main claim to fame is due to their rescue work, but they are also excellent watchdogs and good family dogs – if your children are old enough to avoid getting pushed over by these friendly giants. A small adult will stand roughly 27 inches tall at the shoulder but can grow larger.  There are two varieties of the breed, as the monks who bred the dog tried to add size and improve the dog’s coat by crossing the breed with the Newfoundland Dog – this resulted in a long-haired St. Bernard.  It was found that the long coated dogs were not as suitable for rescue work, so the long coats were given away by the monks as gifts.

Colors are white with red or red with white. White markings on the chest, feet, the tip of tail, head, and neck are essential for show dogs. Both the regular Saint Bernard and the long-coat version require lots of space and lots of exercises. (Indoors and outdoors.) The coat needs brushing at least three times a week and the famous warm, soulful eyes need to be regularly checked and cleaned.

  • Good with Children: Yes
  • Height: 27 – 36 inches
  • Weight: 65 – 78 Kg
  • Life Span: 10-12 Yrs.
  • Breed Group: Working Group
  • Exercise: Moderate
  • Grooming Needs: Moderate

Breed Standards

History of T